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Conspiracy U

Dec 12 2014 11:30 PM | Arqanum in Articles


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Artificial Insemination (AI) is Immaculate Conc...

Dec 07 2014 08:50 PM | Arqanum in Articles

The story of Genesis, the Virgin Mary and secular Freemasonry are all about genetic engineering.

genetic engineering : The manipulation of MOLECULES in strands of DNA to produce new types of organisms, including more perfect slaves, mass murderers and human guinea pigs. Genetic engineering is currently being redeveloped commercially in the United States, Korea and many other places around the world. Although the science has been around for thousands of years (pre-Ice Age), and all current human beings outside of Africa, from Cro Magnons on down are products of the science, there is often much choreographed controversy by the media about the risk involved in releasing genetically engineered organisms into the environment.

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Life and Death Sesame SeeSaw

Dec 03 2014 10:35 PM | Arqanum in Articles

Life began when lava first rose out of the core of the Earth bringing with it salt crystals which are the seeds of life and mixed with water.

When one dies, the salt crystals which now carry in them the memories of life's experiences are taken back underground in water to merge with others, all together forming the basalt Moho discontinuity (like an egg shell) around the mantle of the earth.

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Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven

Dec 03 2014 04:41 PM | Arqanum in Articles

HELL : Is when our DNA is never able to remember with the SIMA, the orphic egg shell memory bank, the Moho which envelops the mantle at the core of our planet EARTH.

PURGATORY : Is being part of the SIAL, the angry lava that flows back to the surface from below the Earth's crust, through stone tree volcanoes, and thereby temporarily Delays some DNA's ability to remember with the SIMA, the singularity of life on our planet.

HEAVEN : Is when our DNA takes the shortest path possible to the MOHO discontinuity and immediately remembers with the SIMA, the DNA of all who have gone before. Burial at sea improves the chances of this happening more rapidly.

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Zoroastrian Freemasonry for the Conspiracy Chal...

Dec 03 2014 04:38 PM | Arqanum in Articles

Masons were originally the slaves who worked underground at enlarging caves, all the way from Ethiopia to Mount Ararat, at Lake Van, in what is today's southeast Turkey. Freemasons, were those Masons who were released from the menial work of carving stone and assigned the human engineering task of creating a New World Order; on behalf of the Mandan Troglodytes, the world's original priesthood (men who dress as women).

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Dec 01 2014 11:56 PM | Arqanum in Articles

The first woman is genetically (DNA) dated at approx. 190,000 BC.

58,800 BC ~ The original sin. Pedophile Predators are evicted by the Clan Mothers from Matrial Clan Society, in Abyssinia and vow revenge on all women and original peoples.

...55,000 BC ~ Predators occupy caves in the Land of Punt (Somalia). From there they become Priests/Witch~Doctors, Mason Stone-cutters, Astronomers, Seafaring Navigators, Explorers, Shepherds, Traders, Kidnappers, Hijackers and Drug Peddling "Snake Oil" Chemists. They discover how to "bunt" (exploring with baby steps through underground caves, like rats, leaving a visible trail for the initiated to follow) and how to "punt" (exploring by boat, thereby leaving no visible trail).

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