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Life and Death Sesame SeeSaw

  • Teaser Paragraph:

    Life began when lava first rose out of the core of the Earth bringing with it salt crystals which are the seeds of life and mixed with water.

    When one dies, the salt crystals which now carry in them the memories of life's experiences are taken back underground in water to merge with others, all together forming the basalt Moho discontinuity (like an egg shell) around the mantle of the earth.

This MOHO region, where all of life's memory eventually reside, is where the Neanderthal have set up shop next to the O.range from where they now secretly rule the surface world we live in, by means of the Hindu Brahmin caste (see Tollgaters) / Thibetan Buddhist (saw Monk Keys) "Skull and Bones Society" (BAS), the Genetic Engineers of human GE races, beginning with Cro Magnons (estimated 40,000 BC).

Whether or not they, the MOHO Mandan (Men of the Den) can actually access the ancient memory -- information / knowledge / wisdom -- contained in the basalt shell is still in question, as far as I am concerned.

PS: The Vatican Bank and Slavs are the human equivalents of LAVA. They "OPEN SESAME".


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Your post reminds me of a lecture given by Steiner:


"...When you go into the mountains you find, just where the rocks are hardest, where so to speak, the very hardest earthly substance pours in — there you find the quartz-crystals.

It signifies that the earth permits crystals to grow out of itself which are hexagonal, growing to a point. Within the earth there is thus the power to build up this six-angled form.

As I have so often explained to you, the forces that are within the earth and in the universe, are also in man. The earth in her turn receives this force from the universe; man has it from the earth. Man has the same force within him which, in the earth, drives out the crystal. How is it then within him? Truly, gentlemen, the human body is full of quartz."


"... we find that long ages ago, at a certain definite point in the evolution of the earth, these quartz crystals were first formed in the mountains. They were formed under the prevailing etheric and astral forces, with the aid of silicic acid. There you have the forces that come from the circumference, working as etheric and astral forces, and forming the quartz crystals in the siliceous substance. Everywhere in the mountains you can find these crystals with their wonderful hexagonal forms. What you find in the solid crystals, you find again as hollow forms, as hollowed spaces, in the waxen cells in the bee-hive..."


"...Our whole life rests on this..."




So... Is it safe to argue that it may not be the crystallin materials themselfs that are doing the deed, but the formative forces (i.e. non material vibrations) that hold the key to life and consequently memory?  And, if this is the case we ought not to strive to study things that shape life matter (such as DNA), but the FORCES that structure matter. A computer made of crystals, perhaps, could tap into these forces?


Interesting indeed...

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