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Timelines: Ancient and Far Future

Jul 23 2013 05:51 AM | Darius in Discourse

150,000 BC One hundred fifty thousand years ago, the Earth was cool and dry. • 150,000 BC – 22,989 BC Here from to twenty-five thousand years ago, organisms experienced phases of cooling and warming amongst their environment. • 60,000 BC Nearing 60,000 BC, after age old clashes amongst existing H o m os 3 – Sapiens, Neanderthals, Erectus, Cro-Magnon, and other species (currently classified by the Mystery schools for an eventual reveiling) – the Deepest Control Structures (DCS) were born. Amongst similar time, secret societies arose under the auspices of the DCS. Although not exoterically termed MA-SONS, they were so esoterically. Leaders of secr...

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Protect Your Freedom and Privacy or Global Fasc...

Sep 06 2013 10:02 AM | Darius in Discourse

Although the DCS have access to advanced technologies, the exoteric control structures are limited in capability. Exoteric structures, such as corrupt government funded corrupt intelligence agencies and corrupt law enforcement agencies, exist to aid the DCS in their agenda. Currently, events in Syria are paving the way for a possible 10-year advancement of World War 3 (see video titled: Esoteric Time line: 70000 BCE to 26000 AD ). The seven year long global war game is staged to occur between 2021 and 2039. However, the window may be shifted from now, 2013, to 2034. If the plan was set after the 2030s, it will either be during March, July, or September of...

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Blavatsky, Exoteric Liar, Esoteric P-Reacher: H...

Aug 03 2013 07:32 AM | Darius in Discourse

A common myth initiates (such as those of new age Blavatskyites) are indoctrinated with is that gendered humans arose from hermaphroditic humans. This is genetically, symbolically, historically, and esoterically disproven. Disprove To prove to be false or erroneous; to confute; to refute. Falsifiability -wiki "Falsifiability or refutability is the trait of a statement, hypothesis, or theory whereby it could be shown to be false if some conceivable observation were true. In this sense, falsify is synonymous with nullify, meaning not "to commit fraud" but "show to be false"." Genetic evidence Statement: "Sequencing of maternally inherited mitochon...

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Occult Masonry

Aug 01 2013 03:32 AM | Darius in Discourse

Page 32. Spir it also symbolizes a serpent "tax" collector wrapped around the life force of this reality, trying to endlessly accumulate. The final step of spirituality symbolizes complete abandonment of independent, critical thinking. In its place comes the pseudo-thought, engineered by global propaganda from times of yore (Our Y). Manly, the New Age Propagandist (headed by Blavatsky) at work: See: https://arqanum.com/articles.html/_/esotericism/the-athenaeum/the-great-work-r49 Source: https://arqanum.com/articles.html/_/esotericism/discourse/timelines-ancient-and-far-future-r51 Heinz - H controlled Nezi/Nasi. H is a hieroglyphic code for linkage...

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All Men are Created Equal

Jun 18 2013 10:29 AM | Darius in Occult Semiotics

The symbol of Capricorn is connected to Cancer and the two St. John’s whose anniversaries (emphasis: aries) are 21st of June and 22nd of December, representing the summer and winter solstice. This duality is codified in Joachim and Boaz, each Masonic pillar hold all control from the West to the East (“WE”). Emphasis must be asserted to the above passage’s section, “the prominent Deities were everywhere a male and a female,” being a semiotic emblem to the connexion between the rebus and Capricorn. Eight is the symbol of resurrection and regeneration. Eight is the result of the cube of two which had been used as the dimensions of the Grecian kaaba. The...

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The Great Work

Jun 18 2013 10:28 AM | Darius in The Athenaeum

The bee system Look back at Washington’s apron on page 163. Did you notice the bee hive? The allegory is the following (Symbols of Freemasonry), “The Beehive. Both the Bee and the Beehive have been used symbolically from a very old time. In some cases, for what reason it is now hard to guess, the Bee was made the emblem of heaven, as may be seen in certain old Hindoo pictures of the god Krishna wherein Bees hover over the deity's head, and also in similar early pictures of Jesus. Both the Persians and the Egyptians sometimes embalmed their dead in honey because they believed it to possess antiseptic properties; out of this custom, we may believe, arose...

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The Temple is the Universe

Jun 18 2013 10:27 AM | Darius in The Athenaeum

Every temple was a representation of the universe, and in them the great lights of Nature played an im- portant part. The images, of the Sun, Moon, and Mercury were represented, and even in our Lodge rooms they constitute the three lights, except that for Mercury the Master of the Lodge has been substi- tuted. Eusebius tells us that the officers of the Eleu- sinian Mysteries were the Hierophant, representing the Great Architect of the Universe ; the torch-bearer, representing the Sun; the altar-bearer, representing the Moon; and the sacred herald, representing Mer- cury. The latter was charged with excluding the pro- fane from the Mysteries. Every Lodge,...

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Secrets of Masonry's Origins

Jun 18 2013 10:26 AM | Darius in The Athenaeum

Dr. Mackey, after discussing the question of myths, says, "It must be evident, from all that has been said respecting the analogy in origin and design between the Masonic and the ancient religious myths, that no one acquainted with the true science of this subject can, for a moment, contend that all the legends and traditions of the order are, to the very letter, histor- ical facts." (Symbolism of Freemasonry, Mackey, p. 207.) He gives as an illustration of this the myth of the Winding Stairs, which, he says, "taken in its literal sense, is, in all its parts, opposed to history and probability." Again, he calls attention to the myth which traces the orig...

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Ancient Christ Complex - Comparative Mythos

Jun 18 2013 10:25 AM | Darius in The Athenaeum

The great facts of the spiritual life were carefully guarded in the Mysteries, and given out to the world only in symbolic language. The Solar or Sun-Myth is the popular teaching concerning the Cosmic Mythic Christ the Christ of the Solar Myths or legends. A Myth we must remember is not mere fiction; it may be truer than written history; it is a great truth em- bodied in a pictorial form. All symbols were em- ployed by Initiates with a definite meaning; we need, therefore, to know the true meaning of the symbols in order to read the true meaning of the Myth. The Solar-Myth sets forth, primarily, the activity of the Logos (the Mythic Christ) in the univer...

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Genetic Engineering Allegory

Jun 18 2013 10:24 AM | Darius in The Athenaeum

In the first place, a man to be recognized as a candidate, must be pure and holy, and possess a well- developed and well-trained mind. Having attained the exoteric "good life," he enters on the prepara- tion for Initiation. Certain conditions have now to be fulfilled and certain attributes acquired. The as- pirant for Initiation must be "worthy and well quali- fied, duly and truly prepared." During this period the candidate is said to be treading the Probationary Path, the Path which leads up to the "Strait Gate," beyond which is the "Narrow Way," or the "Path of Holiness," the "Way of the Cross," which leadeth unto life. When the time comes that he is r...

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Three Levels of Awareness

News 03 Aug 2013
The Arqanum is the deepest portico of Wisdom and Esotercism. Within this portico, there are three levels of awareness.   Level 1 Awareness A comprehensive understanding of the historical, geopolitical, financial, exoterically religious, and biopsychosocial warfare systems. Scholars in this l...
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Intro to the DCS & The Esoteric Cyclopedia: Now Avail...

News 21 Jul 2013
The digital versions of the Intro to the DCS and the Esoteric Cyclopedia are now available.   Additional Update: The Arqanum is now "mobile ready." Important site funtions such as reading lectures and books are now possible on modern mobile devices at optimal usability standards. Please repo...
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