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CIA, FBI E.T Psy-Ops, False Gurus, Bogus Docs

You can read in the Club of Rome's (CoR) Limits to Growth how think tanks calculate and plan the future based on the psyche of humans. In CoR's other publication, the First Global Revolution, they explain how global warming will be used to unite man and this alludes, a priori, of how they will fund scientists to support the movement. The Green revolutionary parties (See Esoteric Cyclopedia for an overview of the Masonic color coding symbolisms) are funded by the wealthy puppet elites, whom are controlled by the upper echelons of secret societies, though factions exist, to rile up the young, profane masses towards agitation. As Ellul and others, especially...

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Three Levels of Awareness

News 03 Aug 2013
The Arqanum is the deepest portico of Wisdom and Esotercism. Within this portico, there are three levels of awareness.   Level 1 Awareness A comprehensive understanding of the historical, geopolitical, financial, exoterically religious, and biopsychosocial warfare systems. Scholars in this l...
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The digital versions of the Intro to the DCS and the Esoteric Cyclopedia are now available.   Additional Update: The Arqanum is now "mobile ready." Important site funtions such as reading lectures and books are now possible on modern mobile devices at optimal usability standards. Please repo...
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