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Our work includes a wide range of buildings related to 3D architectural infographics and urban planning. From the production of any type of photorealistic render for large architectural competitions to the preparation of single-family house plans. Image quality can have a great impact on customer feedback on our projects. For this reason, photography post-production is essential when making our projects more attractive. The way in which we design, visualize and manage information on architecture projects has evolved with the appearance of new computer software such as BIM. In our company we offer BIM and 3D modeling services for your architectural projects. Renders and videos are the most used ways to present our projects. The conjunction of virtual reality and architecture is changing the way we show our buildings to the public. From ARQANUM we offer support for the visualization of images to see in 3D virtual reality in 360 degrees. 3D virtual reality videos allow us to show our project through virtual tours. We also perform editorial graphic design services for the production of infographics for companies and for the layout of magazines, books and catalogs that help to promote your brand to future clients. The constant advance in the development of new technologies in the world of 3D graphic design provides numerous opportunities to respond to the needs of designers, architects, builders and manufacturers to publicize their designs and products.


Graphic and 3D design have always been very present in the field of interior design and architecture. The delineation of architectural plans is the traditional way in which architects capture their designs, for example in the plans of the house that they are preparing to build. Renders, from the design phase, have been used to check the dimensions of a space, the materials used, the lighting ... They are also very useful when showing your idea to a client as they allow the client to understand from a architecture in design is easier than through the traditional method such as plans. This makes the design easier for the customer to understand and makes it easier to suggest changes to the design. 3D modeling and BIM have made it easier for architects to have all the information of their project. In addition, it is possible to edit these models more quickly, it is even possible to create 3D models from photos of a building. High-quality panoramic photos have made a big difference when it comes to displaying projects because they allow the client to immerse themselves in 360º images, modify the point of view and move around the project. With 3D video without glasses, the client can see through the project and know its spaces on a computer or mobile without the need for a virtual reality device. Augmented reality in architecture makes it possible for us to have new ways of viewing our projects such as interactive 360 VR video, in which a client can enter a scene and control the viewing direction and move within the project.


Interior design infographics have a very prominent place in the field of interior design and decoration. Rendering in interior decoration allows the designer to verify that the decorative effects that he designs achieve the purpose he seeks. In addition, it makes it possible to make sure that the whole is in harmony and the result is aesthetically pleasing. During the interior design of houses, the decorator can verify that the decorative elements that he proposes such as lights, furniture, surface finishes, colors and accessories have the desired purpose. Interior architecture is concerned with the way in which light influences the environment of a space or the colors that are proposed for it. This can be shown through the 3D images with virtual reality glasses, in which the user can rotate the viewing angle of the images to see the textures of the objects, walls and floors and check that they are the desired ones. Applications with augmented reality make it possible to check the proportions of the space, the relationship of the furniture with the size of the room and with the rest of the pieces of furniture through a 360 degree VR video in which the client can immerse themselves 3D augmented reality simulation.

Real estate

Infographics play a very important role in the world of real estate and home renovations. They allow these companies to publicize their residential developments through renders even before they are built. Through an online animated video on a real estate website, a client can virtually visit their future home even from their own home. The images to view in 3D with virtual reality glasses allow you to visit a space in which the client can modify the direction of the view, being able to observe all the angles of a room. 3D VR videos allow the customer to tour a house in a short time thanks to augmented reality applications. In addition, with this VR 360 video it is possible for the client to participate actively in the design of their future home, since through this interactive experience they can modify the space and choose which materials they prefer for the floor or the color of the carpentry.

Furniture and construction products

Today 3D modeling software occupies a very significant place in design and has contributed to reducing product development time. Traditional working methods using 2D drawings have been replaced by new technologies in which it is possible to make a product directly on 3D models using specific computer programs. These programs also allow to produce infographics with very realistic images of the products. In addition, it is very easy to quickly generate very realistic images of the proposed products thanks to these software. Computer software allows you to model a product and make 3d images without virtual reality glasses, allowing you to view your products by computer or mobile. In addition, immersive virtual reality allows the customer to see 360º degree 3D videos in which they can interact with their products and remain integrated within a specific space. This is the reason why these companies are spending more time making 3D models of their products, so that designers and architects can download them and incorporate them into their virtual reality projects for architecture and show them to their clients. For example, a kitchen design manufacturer and their clients could view 3d models of their products in a virtual reality 360 video and see how these products fit into different spaces.


Advertising graphic design plays a very important role in today's society, for this reason companies spend huge amounts of money promoting their products and services. One of the most determining factors in the success of companies is the image they project of themselves to the public, and this is where infographics play a very important role in the world of graphic and advertising design. Rendering for companies and corporate videos have always been a key piece of marketing to publicize their products. These images and videos are becoming better designed so that they are more attractive to potential clients. Among the documents that use graphic design for companies and small businesses can be highlighted advertising brochures, magazine or book publications, videos on television and while the web adapts to any type of content. The layout and design of catalogs, books and commercial magazines are one of the most recurrent elements in the world of graphic design in advertising. In them, in addition to making your company known to the public, they show the products or services that the company offers, the experience of the company through the projects carried out and finally the prices of the products it offers. In this type of document, images are one of the most powerful elements to advertise a product.


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